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To be Continued....

I know many people have been concerned, as I kindof just dropped off the edge of the planet in march. Be assured I am in good health, and fully expect to bounce back in a few more weeks. My difficulties were personal and took all my energy to get through the gauntlet of life's little challenges. My videos are about my joys, not my dramas, so the cameras needed to be put down. The good news is I am seeing a bright new horizon in front of me, one where the possibilities of exploration, travel and seeing the beauty of this wonderful planet are limitless. I look forward to sharing these with you once again.

I am overwhelmed and grateful for all those who gave me notes of encouragement, and truly apologize to all who were counting on me for a smile to help get them through difficult times. All I ask for is a little patience as I prepare to return to some degree of normalcy. Something I'm sure we all need!

Good times are coming. Please stay tuned! SP


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