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My Compost Toilet and Bin

As a companion piece to my "My Cabin Compost Toilet: Much Ado about DooDoo!" video, I thought I'd add a few details that didn't make it in the final edit. First, the dirt floor of the bin itself needs to be dug out to a dish shape so that any fluids do not just drain downhill, but are contained and absorbed into the ground directly under the bin. This was especially important in my case as I put mine on a slope.

The final dimensions of my compost toilet were 19" high (excluding seat), 16 1/2" wide and 19" high (18" high is preferred, as my legs didn't firmly touch the floor). I used 1/2" OSB board for the sides and top, but covered it with 1/8" wood paneling on the sides and 3/16" tileboard on the top.

I also didn't explain the inside area well. In the video, I put a strip of wood across the top front for support. Later on I moved this to the bottom, and added a floor piece with a laminate cover. This brought the pail higher to the top so there was less chance of anything splattering over the sides, and the bottom surface is wipeable.

I am open to suggestions, and will update this blog with any further improvements. Thanks! SP


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