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Exclusive Videos Now Available!

One thing I've been wanting to do was feature unique videos without having to deal with the quirks of YouTube. I am now offering videos for free, WITHOUT COMMERCIALS!

The first one is a little short called "Looking Back". I compiled this from footage I had gathered from my camper's rear view camera over the last 3 years of travel, and put it to music to make it interesting. Get out your dancin' shoes and play it loud!

The second video is "Slim Gets the Blues". I am re-claiming one I had released in 2019, but copyright restrictions and corporate greed destroyed it by plastering commercials every 5 minutes (I however received no benefits from this). I took it down, but here it is for all that missed it.

My intention with these is to share music I already own, just like I did in the "old" days when I brought records to a party. I respect the rights of artists, and should any object to me playing their music (and I do give them credit) , they can now talk to me directly and not through a corporation. Keep on Sharing!

To view these, go to the new "Special Videos" section above and select a video, or follow this link: You will need to log into the site for access. Enjoy! SP


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