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Currently I still work at the age of 64 as a full-time as public school teacher since 2002 for the Sir Wifrid Laurier School Board north of Montreal and also part time as a solo classical guitarist and ensemble musician for concerts and music festivals etc.. Worked many teaching contracts for many years before 2002 also! Love teaching but am yearning now to get out and boon dock most of the time as my retirement gift to myself! 🙏 I won't however give up my appartment and live only in my 19 foot fully equiped 3,000 pound teardrop trailer since my appartement is in a very beautiful area surrounded by nature near the river and in the forest! ❤️ I want however to get out of the full time working rat race and my nice sticks and bricks to discover all of north america! I mainly want to get out of the long winter wait and head to nice warmer weather snowbirding, following the sun and exploring! I've been preparing by studying lots of inspiring YouTubers info and tons of videos on places to boon dock, how to boon dock etc.. Also Have all the apps and will do harvest Hosts, Boon dockers welcome etc.. Campendium,, IOverlander, AllStays, and many other apps that I'm currently filling up with favorites of many places all over north amercica and even canada marked also on my Google maps! So I'll do a travelling musician YouTube channel and also a webpage like Slims here! I have over 40 years experience in concert performance, recordings, arranging, composition and as a music educator in the public and private sectors for over 30 years! I'm a first prize winner at the Canadian music competitions, finalist in Radio Canada's "Jeune Virtuoses"! I travelled on concert tours in the 1990s in Europe, North and South America!

I currently only travel sporadically and seasonally in the summer in my 19-foot-long Trailer (RV) Heartland MPG 185 2011 and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 2017 which I just purchased! I have a very nice Biktrix fat tire (long battery life) fat tire Juggernaut! I hope to use it when I'll boon dock in 2024-2026 at the latest to get around forest bike paths, Arizona deserts, Texas beach sand, Canadian snow and the like! 👍😊 etc...

Right beside my appartment is a nature center! Why boon dock ? LOL!

This is across from my front door of my appartment! ❤️

I work full/time as a public school teacher and professional musician near Montreal Quebec Canada! I’m 64 (June 2022) in good shape and plan to install solar, generator soon etc. to be able to easily boon dock at the beginning of my retirement after age 65 (June 2023 or a few years later 2025-2026) max to have more money and boondocking amenities during my retirement project! I wish to go to the warmer south during our long drab cold winters starting around January -February 2024 until Mid May before coming to boondock back up here when it’s warmer here during late spring until late summer 2024 or 2025 max and many years thereafter! ?

Sydney Vrana

Sydney Vrana

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