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Hi all...I'm Larry from Colorado. I live in the southwestern part of this beautiful state I've called home since 1975. I love camping and have owned three A-frame rigs, a Little Guy teardrop, and now I tow my 2018 Casita Spirit Deluxe..17ft. My TV is a 2005 Toyota 4Runner V-6. With a tow capacity of 5,000lbs, it easily pulls the Casita. My camping companions are my beautiful wife of 30 years and our 12 year old toy Aussie/Papillion named "Champ". We've camped in Utah, Texas, and Colorado. I love watching Slim's videos and I always learn something new from each of them.

Slim, come back to Colorado and explore The Grand Mesa, the highest flat-top mountain in the world! This beautiful wilderness area has lots of wildlife, plenty of free camsites, hundreds of hiking trails, beautiful vistas and 300 lakes on the Mesa! We are privileged to live at the base of this national monument, just 10 miles from our home. To all my fellow RV'ers and campers.....Come to Colorful Colorado!!



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